Oatmeal with *zero* added sugar

Love oatmeal, but the store-bought packets contain more sugar than you would like to start your day? Here is my “recipe” to enjoy oatmeal every morning with just enough sweet, but not all of the added sugar and still feel full and satisfied. *Zero added sugar- depending on the toppings you add, they may *add*Continue reading “Oatmeal with *zero* added sugar”

15 Easy Ways to be more Eco-Friendly in your Home

In November of 2019, my department at work hosted an event with the theme of Sustainability around the World. The planning process helped me to learn about a lot ways to improve my practices at home (or at work, but I have been working from home most of the year and barely used any paper!)Continue reading “15 Easy Ways to be more Eco-Friendly in your Home”

Thanksgiving Table Scape

I love Fall! I know some people are moving on to holiday decor early this year, but we still have one holiday left to squeeze out the beautiful colors and textures of fall. I put together this simple fall table scape that is easy to recreate for last minute Thanksgiving inspiration. When it comes toContinue reading “Thanksgiving Table Scape”