Thanksgiving Table Scape

Simple Fall table scape for your Thanksgiving table

I love Fall!

I know some people are moving on to holiday decor early this year, but we still have one holiday left to squeeze out the beautiful colors and textures of fall. I put together this simple fall table scape that is easy to recreate for last minute Thanksgiving inspiration.

When it comes to fall, there are so many fun options and it is easy to find some of these things around your house or right outside your door.

Here are the items I look for to create a fall-inspired space:

No one says your drink glasses and food can’t be part of the display and decor!
  • Tablecloth and/or table runner – this is a good place to set the tone for your table- I went for a warm and cozy look with a few touches of elegance
  • Cloth napkins- I used a plain khaki color and a reddish and cream striped
  • Wood and metal items- i.e. cutting/serving boards, candle holders, napkin rings
  • Real and fake elements from nature- i.e. pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, leaves
  • Fall materials- plaid, burlap, galvanized metal, copper metal
  • Candles- nothing creates a feeling of warmth like some (controlled) fire!
  • A touch of gold here and there for some elegance – i.e. wine glasses, ribbons
  • Dried or fresh flowers
  • Mix and match texture with a a few types of materials and patterns
  • Add some height with a three-tiered stand, pitchers, wood serving board- things you can use for every season
Love a mix of outdoor elements, soft prints, wood and metal

To get my look:

Dried flowers from my wedding, roses from a bouquet I had purchased, and rose buds I trimmed from my backyard
Three- tiered stands are multi-purpose- use to show off decor when you are not hosting or use as a fancy way to display food and desserts

Wow, this is a lot of stuff just for one holiday gathering.. is what my husband probably thought when I ordered all of this (about $90 by my calculation), but hear me out. With the exception of the mini pumpkins, harvest sign, and pumpkin bowls, I will use all of these items for my holiday tables later this year and I used all of these items previously for the Jewish holidays and other fall (socially-distanced gatherings).

Repurposing These Items

By my count, that is about $30/ gathering on table decor that can all be reused for years to come. It is very important for me that the majority of it serves a purpose, rather than just adding clutter to the table- whether it holds a candle that adds light and warmth to the table, or it can be used for serving food, that is a key factor in how I set my table. The goal is to look festive and create the vibe you are going for, but don’t forget, people do need to sit there and have room to enjoy theirfood and drinks without knocking over decor.

Not Feeling so Celebratory?

I know this year may be different and you, like me, may not be spending your Thanksgiving at a large family gathering or with any family at all. That doesn’t mean you can’t add some festivity to your home, even if you are not in the mood for it this year. Adding some of the colors, textures, and feels of the season to your table hopefully will help you to remember whatever it is you are grateful for this year and make your house feel a little more like home.

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