Organizing Hacks

Did anyone else ever have a teacher tell them, if you’re really stressed out and can’t get anything done, go clean your room? Maybe this was a trick, but it is something I have prescribed to since 5th grade. Personally, I need a clean, organized work space to get things done. I know when myContinue reading “Organizing Hacks”

Life with Lou

Lots of love and some unexpected home expenses along the way. On a Wednesday evening in March 2019, I spent about an hour on the phone with the kind woman who had fostered Lou in Tennessee, to see if us fostering Lou would be a good idea. From that conversation, I learned that Lou wasContinue reading “Life with Lou”


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About Me

Hi! I’m Leslie. I am a licensed real estate agent in CT, a DIYer, full-time international education professional, working wife, dog mom and on an ever-lasting quest to make my home cozy, comfortable (and hopefully clean!). Home is my favorite place to be and I believe that everyone should have a place to call home. I put a lot of time and pride into making my house feel like home and believe that a well-loved and organized home can help you lead a more organized life. I use this space as a way to share all of the things I have been doing in my house to make it feel like home and share my handmade products available for purchase. Check out my blog posts for topics that range anywhere from real estate trends, seasonal decor and table scapes, baking, and easy home renovation tips all the way to life with the greatest creatures on earth: dogs. I love sarcasm, comedy and a touch of bathroom humor so read at your own discretion.

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